Banking app

Banking app design - 2020 made by Tal.L


Work Summary -During the work I experimented with a lot of things such as research work, comparison work, choosing colors, and designing the app itself. The work was done in a structure of:

1. Research work and comparison of all competing applications.

2. Choice of colors corresponding to the application and extracting information from the research.

3. Interface design work done after a lot of thinking and created to solve some design problems.

Main screen

The main page is divided into several parts: the top part which is the card and its functions, the middle part which is basically all the money transfer read recently and to whom, and the bottom part of the wells icon bar at the bottom right there is a small bar of three icons that takes us to the "main" page. Profile "and" Status".

#1 main screen black frame.png

Function animation

This functional animation shows the user the cards that are connected in this bank user and gives you the option to add another card when you click the button below.

When you click on another card the screen will change and the data will change.

Profile screen

The "profile" screen is a very very simple and easy to use screen, as you can see in the first part of the profile there is a slide button that looks good and comfortable for the user. The other thing that I think is something that greatly improves the user experience is the small map on the "location" button that shows a small map where you see your location and in case your location does not change you can click on the map and change manually. The top right side included a "Log Out" button, the top left has the person's name the city and country he is in and the small icon next to it is an "Edit" icon in case the person wants to change his name.

Profile screen #2.png

Function animation

The functional animation that is on this screen is a very simple animation and a spoon for the user. Once you press the profile button the second part of the bar opens and becomes the screen itself so that the user does not have the same image and the same name on the same screen twice.

Status screen

The "status" screen is the most interesting screen, with the most information and details and is the screen that was the hardest to work on. In this screen I wanted to give the user the feel of the soft design so that the user can enjoy when looking at the screen.
On the screen you will see some things such as graphs, objects that include the summary of funds. In the main graph you will see a blue bar which actually helps the user to see what month he is in. I personally am really pleased with this screen


Function animation

The functional animation of the "Status" screen is a very light and special animation, it is an animation of stretching to the sides of the screen and vice versa. TheAnimation gives the user a better and more pleasant feeling when the user clicks on the icon.

Thanks for watching!

Hope you like it (: