Hey I am Tal !

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“I am not young enough to know everything.”(oscar wilde)

A bit about me : 
My name is Tal, I’m a junior UX/UI designer living in Israel with 6 years of design experience. I’m known for my clean and modern designs with a modern and dynamic twist. 

How did I start :

My passion for design began 6 years ago when I created a logo for my personal youtube channel. I was young at the time and had a personal youtube channel for video game tutorials. Wanting to seem a bit more professional, I researched different banners and logo designs for my channel, and when none caught my eye, I decided to create my own. 


I loved the process of designing something from scratch and decided to start a freelance project of creating logos at $1.00 per logo. My designs took off and began being featured on accounts with over 200K youtube followers. 


My passion of design quickly blossomed into a freelance career in media design and more recently for UX/UI start ups. My most recent projects have been designing applications for two exciting start-ups.

Career :

- Started at 2.7 - Ended at 5.8

- Junior UI\UX Designer

The startup is a social media start-up similar to snapchat and instagram. My responsibilities included user research, persona work, user-flows and creating style guides and design research for the organization. 

- Part-Time

- Lead UX/UI Designer

The startup is a revolutionary task management application for

IOS and Android. My responsibilities included managing client expectations, working alongside the developers, user flow research, design research, and creating a working prototype in Adobe XD.

Although as a young designer my passion for design and new opportunities continues to grow. I am currently still working on these applications part-time for support, and looking for new opportunities to grow your next idea.